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Brand: Volte-Tel Model: DT1002137
Volte-Tel Tempered Glass for Apple Watch 40mm 2.5D Full Glue 1.57'' 9H 0.26mm 2.5D Full CoverΕταιρεία: AppleΚατασκευαστής: Volte-TelΚατηγορία Προστατευτικού: Full CoverΚυρτότητα: 2.5DΠάχος: 0.25-0.26mmΤύπος: Tempered GlassΤύπος Συσκευής: SmartwatchΧαρακτηριστικό: Full Glue..
Ex Tax:5.56€
Brand: 3MK Model: DT1001452
3mk® ARC Protects The Entire Surface Of The Rounded Display Securing It From Edge To Edge.Its Clear And Uniform Structure Perfectly Represents Colours And Provides Excellent Finger Sliding Over The Display Surface.3mk® ARC Is The First High-Quality Protective Foil For Dry Putting-On Which Is Applied..
Ex Tax:6.37€
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