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Warranty - Returns

Warranty – Returns - Replacements

General Warranty Terms

1.      General

All products are accompanied by a warranty from the manufacturer, as defined by its formal agency. The warranty for packaging accessories such as headphones, charger, usb cable, etc. as well as the warranty for battery differs from that of the device and it is shorter (for example Samsung 1 year, Xiaomi, Huawei, LG 6 months etc.). The warranty from the manufacturer does not cover damage resulting from misuse, fall, humidity, interference from unauthorized service and the product is then automatically out of warranty. The same applies to cases of loss of password intended for the anti-theft protection of the device. In case of loss there is no way to lose or unlock the device. Such are Apple's services: Find iPhone/iPad activated through iCloud, for Android devices with a version over 5.1.1 through Google account, for Samsung devices through Samsung account, Xiaomi Mi account etc. Purpose of these services is to protect the device from theft and to have a way of retrieving the codes only themselves through their providers.

In case of non-coverage of the device with warranty due to misuse, i.e. in case the device is out of warrant, there is a minimum charge 16€ excluding VAT for technical inspection and the shipping costs in case of dispatch (This cost relates exclusively to the formal agency, the authorized service and the transport company, it is not for services).

Products labeled with EU are covered by a guarantee to all authorized service of manufacturers in Greece.

2.      Activate Warranty

The warranty is valid with the receipt or sales invoice accompanying the package.
In order to make use of the guarantee, the product must be delivered to an authorized service of the formal agency for checking. This can be done through our store in Athens or directly to the nearest authorized service. For delivery to the any authorized service, it is necessary to present the product together with the packaging, the receipt and the (written) description of the problem.


3.      Warranty Procedure

For the completion of warranty procedure, the dealer is responsible for fixing and repairing the problem. The time required varies depending on the type of problem.
The store is responsible for the processing. Refund is only possible if the product cannot be repaired.


4.      Replacement Process                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Only if the product is within the conditions DOA (Dead On Arrival) can it be replaced with a product of the same or similar characteristics. Otherwise, the store through the official service repairs any damage and returns the product to the consumer.

5.      Useful Links

Consumer’s  advocate:

Βanking Mediator:

Online Dispute Resolution:




The legal warranty covers, according to the European Union, product defects or problems that are believed to already existed at the time of delivery and became apparent within the next two years. However, the period in question shall be 6 months after the purchase of the product:

-Any defect/problem occurring within 6 months shall be considered to have already existed at the time of delivery. In this case, the store (the seller) must repair or replace the product at no cost to the consumer.

- After 6 months, the consumer may still consider the store (the seller) responsible for any defect/problem that occurs by the end of the two-year warranty period. However, the store (the seller) may ask you to prove that the defect existed at the time of delivery of the product. This is often difficult and the consumer should contact a technical expert.


6. Analytical Procedures

Products’ photos are samples and may differ in the coloring of the final product. Returns or replacements of products (e.g. due to color) are accepted only upon request and as long as the product has not been opened or used.

Products from which the necessary protectors and labels of the supplier/manufacturer have been removed:
Beauty products, such as perfumes, cosmetics and toiletries, if their packaging or outer plastic cover/film has been damaged, are not accepted for return or replacement. Also, refunds are not accepted in cases of alteration of its packaging.


Products must be returned:

a) unused, in their original packaging – box and cellophane – and in excellent condition

b) with all labels on

c) in the exact same condition in which they were received, intact, sealed and without any attrition.

A prerequisite for returning products is that you have in your possession the relevant purchase document proving the transaction (e.g., Retail Receipt or Sales Invoice).


The cost of transportation for all products returned to the Company, is borne by the buyer/customer. reserves the right to do not accept product refunds or returns when it considers that there are particular reasons.


DOA/DAP provides consumers the assurance of replacement of any defective device purchased by us, when certain conditions are met.

DOA/DAP Conditions: If you purchased a device that due to a manufacturing error could not be put into operation in the first place (i.e. to normally operate), it is automatically classified as DOA i.e. "Dead On Arrival", which means that the device never worked. If you purchased a device that was put into operation (i.e. it normally operated at first) but then in the next few days showed symptoms of serious malfunction, then the device is automatically classified as a DAP i.e. "Dead After Purchase", which means that the device has ceased to function or has experienced serious problems (or actual defects) within a reasonable period specified (or proposed) by the manufacturer. In the case of DAP the replacement or repair of the device is defined exclusively by the manufacturer's service policy.

PROCEDURES: The certified procedures we follow as a store are in line with the official procedures followed by manufacturers and official outlets worldwide. So, if you buy from our store a device that unfortunately falls within the above mentioned categories (DOA/DAP) then you should first inform us by phone or send us an email in order to register the problem (so the defect/problem is registered within the DOA/DAP time schedule) and direct you to the right actions to be made afterwards, in order to be provided this special limited Warranty.

Also, for your best support you should take seriously into account the following: Please, we urge you to be primarily informed about this special category (DOA/DAP) of the device you are interested in. Each Manufacturer defines (or proposes) in a different calendar manner the specific period of time that the product is considered as DOA/DAP and may vary from Company to Company. Usually, this period includes only a few days or even in some cases a maximum time that the device was used after it was put into operation. All standard procedures we follow for (DAP/DOA) apply to all customers without exception. In no case, we have the right to arbitrarily or act discriminatory or selectively towards a portion of customers contrary to the instructions or in violation of the terms of the manufacturer concerned. Any decision as to whether or not a particular device is covered by the warranty (DAP/DOA) is made by the official technical department of each Manufacturer in our country. Under no circumstances shall it be recognized as DAP/DOA unless there is a corresponding official written reminder from the technical department. The length of time required for this inspection depends solely on them, taking into account (and by law) the minimum possible inconvenience to the customer and for any delay in it, bears no responsibility whatsoever. in no case replaces a product with a similar or different product or refunds money to any customer, unless the relevant check is carried out and afterwards a written proof from the manufacturer (orally of the technical department) that the product is considered as DAP/DOA is made. Any objections or disagreements on the part of the customer should be communicated/transfered primarily to us and by extension to the responsible technical control department, as well as to the responsible Consumer Protection Department of the Ministry of Development.

The special limited DAP/DOA warranty does not apply if:

The damage is proven to be the fault of the customer from the technical department of the manufacturer or the service department (regarding the warranty as to the fault of the customer, you can refer to the general warranty conditions of our store).

The appliance is not accompanied by the box and all its parts (e.g. battery, booklet, cable, hands free, charger, etc.).

The period of validity of the Warranty, which is demonstrated between the proof (or invoice) of purchase and the receipt document from our store for inspection, has passed.

If your device has not been purchased from our store or if the EAN number or the unique IMEI number clearly indicated on the purchase document is not identical to that of the device you purchased from us.


If for any reason you have additional questions about the terms or ways of the DAP/DOA warranty, please contact us to let you know. In any case we are committed that with responsibly and seriousness, we provide you with high quality products and services, in accordance with the strictest standards and quality controls of the global market.


Defective products as a result of user wrong manipulation/use

We cannot approve replacement or refund for products damaged due to misuse. In this case we return the product to you.
It is noted at this point that in cases where devices sent to our store for repair are out of warranty (due to user fault), the consumer is charged the total value of €19.84 including VAT and the product is returned unrepairable (Cost €9.00 plus VAT for the inspection by the service department and a cost of €7.00 plus VAT for the shipping costs -to and from our company-, i.e. €16.00 plus VAT or €19.84 including VAT) . The same costs are charged to the consumer if the device sent for inspection to the service department does not show any damage that makes the inspection by the service department necessary (for example if it simply needs a software upgrade that can be easily carried out by the user, an upgrade of an application, if the problem occurs on external defective headphones purchased from another store and not on the device itself, etc.).
If you wish, we can undertake the repair of the product at a cost that is borne by the buyer upon consultation and confirmation of repair costs. The product is stored in DrTech's warehouse for up to 30 days and after 30 days is placed on the market.


Defective products that during the Service check show to be working

Our service partners will contact you by phone or e-mail to ask you for more information to address the problem. In case we cannot contact you, we will store the product for a maximum period of 30 days and then place it on the market. Caution: If the repair is not covered by the warranty (misuse, accident, collision, etc.), you will burden yourself with the relevant costs. If the product is in good condition and is operating normally, we will refund it to you and you will burden yourself only with shipping costs.


The warranty does not cover the charger, the headset and the battery of the device (Unless the manufacturer defines something different)

The warranty does not cover the device software.

The warranty does not cover shipping and transportation costs for repair and/or replacement of the product to and from our company.


The warranty shall automatically cease to be valid if:

The damage was caused because the user does not use or maintain the device according to the user manual.

The damage was caused by wetting, falling or careless guarding.
The damage was caused by repair, conversion or cleaning of the appliance in an unauthorized store or service department.

Information has been altered such as: date of purchase, name and type of product or proof of purchase document has been altered. The warranty card is not transferable.

The damage was caused by additional accidents such as force majeure, difference or drop in power voltage, poor battery charge by the buyer (Initial charging 5-6 hours).


Please keep the warranty card (proof) in a safe place because you will not be given a new one in case of loss.


By confirming each order electronically, it is understood and confirmed that all terms are fully understood and unconditionally accepted. Any question, clarification or unclear understanding of the shipping, payment and warranty terms currently mentioned should be clarified by the buyer, requesting further details in writing. In the event of any disagreement, the recipient shall notify with written text within 48 hours of the products delivery to the recipient, indicating the notification by registered letter or submit it electronically requesting proof of receipt. In this case, the customer is obliged to return immediately, intact all the goods and expressly reserves the right to withdraw from this sale without compensation. in any case commits itself, that it will do its best to ensure you a reliable and advantageous shopping experience in every respect.


Return Policy

The D.O.A. service is provided to consumers/customers for products that do not work upon arrival (Dead On Arrival / Delivery). In order for this service to be valid, the product must be returned to, within 7 days, in order to be checked by an authorized service for the nature of the defect/problem. If it is proved by the official service of the respective dealership, that the product has a manufacturing defect/problem, the product is replaced with the same or one with similar specifications - features. In case there is no stock for replacement, the consumer's money is refunded.


Right of Withdrawal/Back out - Order Cancellation

Applies only to remote purchases and not to goods delivered to our store.


More & detailed information


The consumer is entitled to withdraw/back out, within a period of fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of receipt/order of the goods, in case the product is not of the specifications ordered (technical characteristics, model, color).


a) The consumer returns the goods, without undue delay and in any case within fourteen (14) calendar days from the day on which he announced to the supplier his decision to withdraw from the contract and

b) is charged with the cost of returning the goods.


In case the consumer is entitled to back out and return the products bought, DrTech is obliged to return the amount paid by the consumer free of charge and without undue delay and definitely within fourteen (14) calendar days from the day the product was returned to


All devices are covered by the guarantee/warranty of the respective official manufacturer/dealership. For the Xiaomi (and Oppo) devices the warranty is in some cases provided by our store


As a result, depending on the device you have, after the 7-day period you can contact the respective authorized dealership directly (below we list the some telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of two official authorized service departments and dealerships)


Where can I go for the repair / service of my device?

Indicative Official Authorized Service Departments:





Leoforos Mesogeion 269

Chalandri, 15231

Tel: +30 215 215 4400


Procordia IKE

Michalakopoulou 178

Athens, 11527

Tel: +30 2170007575 - 2111988000
Huawei Pick up & Return:


To send a repair-service request (for OnePlus devices) please follow the link below (after creating an account or logging in to an existing one):

You will need:

a) IMEI number of the device (shown on the packaging of the device)

b) Photos of the device, taken from all sides (to help the service team detect the mentioned problem)

The time to complete the service check, according to OnePlus, is approximately 10 (working) days.


T2P Technology to People  - Smart4all International IKE

Apollonos 6

Elliniko, 16777

Tel: +30 2160027021 - 2109609412,


Smartec S.A.

Feidippidou 7

Chaidari, 12461

Tel: +30 215 215 4400


TS Solutions

Leoforos Kifisou 38

Athens, 104 42

Tel: +30 210 519 7500



Marinou Antypa 88

Neo Irakleio, 141 22

Tel: +30 210 686 0010



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